Chiba University School of Medical




Department of Biochemistry and Genetics

Masaki Takiguchi

Department of Cognitive Behavioral Physiology  

Eiji Shimizu

Department of Neurobiology

Atsushi Yamaguchi (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Psychiatry

Masaomi Iyo

Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Shuichi Yamamoto

Department of Neurology

Satoshi Kuwabara

Department   of Neuroscience

(cooperative lecture with National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)

Miho Murata

Takashi Yamaura

Department   of Developmental Disorders

(cooperative lecture with National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry)

Masumi Inagaki

Department of Neurological Surgery

Naokatsu Saeki

Department of Orthopaedic surgery

Kazuhisa Takahashi

Department of Orthopaedic surgery (Center for Preventive Medical   Sciences)

Takahisa Sasho

Department of Orthopaedic surgery

(Center for Frontier Medical Engineering)

Masahiko Suzuki

Department of Pharmacology

Akio Matsumoto

Department of Diagnostic Pathology

Yukio Nakatani

Department of Respirology

Koichiro Tatsumi

Nobuhiro Tanabe

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Yoshio Kobayashi

Department of General Thoracic Surgery

Ichiro Yoshino

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

Goro Matsumiya

Department of Anesthesiology

Shiroh Isono

Department of Molecular Pathology

Takashi Kishimoto (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Medicine and Clinical Oncology

Osamu Yokosuka

Department of General Surgery

Masaru Miyazaki

Department of Frontier Surgery

Hisahiro Matsubara

Department of Frontier Surgery (Center for Frontier   Medical Engineering)

Hideki Hayashi

Department of Molecular   Infectiology

Masatoshi Noda

Department of Molecular Virology

Hiroshi Shirasawa

Department of infection and   Host Defense

Kazumi Norose(Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Reproductive Biology and Medicine

Chizuru Ito (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Reproductive Medicine

Makio Shozu

Department of Urology

Tomohiko Ichikawa

Department of Molecular Diagnosis

Kazuyuki Matsushita (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Shigeto Oda

Department of Dermatology

Hiroyuki Matsue

Department of Pediatric Surgery

Hideo Yoshida

Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic   Surgery

Kaneshige Sato

Department of Environmental Medicine

Chisato Mori

Department of Public Health

Akira Hata

Department of Public Health (Center for Preventive Medical Sciences)

Katsunori Kondo

Akihiro Sekine

Department of Occupational and Environmental   Medicine

Yasushi Suwazono (Assoc. Prof.)

Education and Research Center of Legal Medicine

Hirotaro Iwase

Department of Japanese Oriental "Kampo"   Medicine

Takao Namiki

Department of Molecular and Tumor   Pathology

Motoo Kitagawa (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Medical   Immunology

Shinichiro Motohashi

Department of Functional   Genomics

Naohiko Seki (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Bioinformatics

Akiko Suganami (Assist. Prof.)

Department of Dentistry and   Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery

Hideki Tanzawa

Division of   Otorhinolaryngology・Head and Neck   Surgery

Yoshitaka Okamoto

Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Radiation Oncology

Takashi Uno

Department   of Charged Particle Therapy

(cooperative lecture with National Institute of   Radiological Sciences)

Tadashi Kamada

Shigeru Yamada

Department of Clinical Oncology

Yuichi Takiguchi

Department of Medical Physiology

Takashi Miki

Department of Biochemistry   and Molecular Pharmacology

Yoshitoshi Kasuya (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Developmental   Biology

Tetsuichiro Saito

Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Hiroshi Nakajima

Department of Mucosal Immunology

Satoshi Uematsu

Department of Immunology

Toshinori Nakayama

Department of Molecular Oncology

Atsushi Kaneda

Department of Cellular and   Molecular Medicine

Atsushi Iwama

Department of Biomedical Science

Masahiko Hatano

Department of Clinical Cell Biology and Medicine

Kotaro Yokote

Department of Pediatrics

Naoki Shimojyo

Office of Medical Education

Mayumi Asahina (Assoc. Prof.)

Shoichi Ito (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Endoscopic Diagnostic   Therapeutics

Osamu Yokosuka

Department of Diagnostic   Medicine

Masaomi Ikusaka

Department of Medical Informatics and Management

Takahiro Suzuki (Assoc. Prof.)

Department of Molecular Biology and Oncology

(cooperative lecture with Chiba Cancer Center)

Masatoshi Tagawa

Hiroki Nagase

Department   of Immune Regulation

(cooperative lecture with Research Center for Allergy   and Immunology, RIKEN)

Takashi Saito

Haruhiko Koseki

Hiroshi Ono

Ichiro Taniuchi

Department of Clinical Research and Evaluation of the Medical   Therapeutics

Hideki Hanaoka

Department   of medical Administration

(cooperative lecture with Pharmaceuticals and Medical   Devices Agency)

Yoshiaki Uyama

Shingo Sakurai

Division of Clinical Neuroscience

Kenji Hashimoto

Division of Clinical Study on Juvenile Delinquency


Division of Law and Psychiatry

Yoshito Igarashi

Division of Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation

Hiroyuki Watanabe

Division of Molecular Biology

Hiroji Chibana (Assoc. Prof.)

Division of Molecular Immunology

Mitsutoshi Yoneyama

Division of Clinical Research

Katsuhiko Kamei

Division of Bio-resources

Tohru Gonoi

*Courses with * will be provided through the Joint Department of Three Universities (Chiba / Kanazawa / Nagasaki) Graduate School of Innovative Preventive Medicine from April 2016.